Behavioral Research

We have three research methods courses that our psychology majors are required to take: Introduction to Experimental Psychology, Behavioral Research (BR) I, and Behavioral Research II.

Intro to Exp. Psych. introduces students to basic concepts in design and analysis and they write a full APA style manuscript over the course of the semester using pre-existing data and analysis output. This course is capped at 25-30 students.

BR I and BR II are a two course sequence. This course is capped at 16 students and students must take BR II with the same instructor with whom they completed BR I. In BR I, students design a research study and submit an IRB for review. In BR II, they collect and analyze their data. The goal of these courses is to provide students with an intensive research experience.

I taught this sequence for the first time SP 18 – F 18. Below are many of my course materials, assignments, and activities. Many of these are live documents that I edit throughout the year. I also based some of my assignments on those my colleagues have used in the past (especially the lit searches). I am continually revising resources each time I teach the course.

If you find anything that might be helpful, please feel free to use it! All of these materials are Google Docs set to “View.” So, to use the materials you would have to make a copy.

Course Materials for Behavioral Research I

(Part I of a two semester course)

Course Materials for Behavioral Research II

(Part II of a two semester course)

Easy Access – A few of my favorite activities/assignments from BR I

Note: I search around and look for good examples all over the place. Sometimes I forget where I get ideas from. I also get a lot of ideas from my wonderful colleagues at UWP and SNC and tweak them. There should be links to any sources I use specific examples from within the docs. Some sources I rely on more generally and really appreciate are

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