PEDL is a collaborative lab led by Kameko Halfmann and operating under a novice-apprentice-practitioner-expert model. In other words, undergraduate students generally enter the lab with little to no research experience but general content knowledge from a few psychology courses (General Psychology and Introduction to Experimental) as novices and progress to apprentices as they develop skills. If students dedicate time working as an apprentice in the lab, they will eventually become a practitioner and many continue in graduate school to develop expertise.

Student researchers

  • Chelsea Davis, UWP graduate
  • Dominique Kornely, UWP
  • Bailey Kerkel, UWP
  • Dana Mueller, UWP

Former student researchers

  • Tina Pizzo, anticipated ’18 (SNC)
  • Paige Van Rossum, anticipated ’18 (SNC)
  • Marissa Elliott, ’17 (SNC) – pursuing MPH at Yale University
  • Carly Barry, ’16 (SNC) – currently pursuing Psy D at Midwestern University

Interested in Joining?

PEDL aims to have 2-5 active student research apprentices each semester. Student research apprentices are expected to commit at least one year to the lab, with an average of about 5 hours per week during the academic year.

Conducting research as an undergraduate is a great opportunity to learn new skills, explore research and grad school as possible post-undergrad options, and gain experience working with a team.

If you are interested in joining our team, check out the application here.

If you’re not sure whether research is right for you, but you think you might be interested, check out this source.

Friends, Collaborators, & Inspirations

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