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Starting a research lab at a PUI

I work at a primarily undergraduate university (PUI) where teaching is my main focus, but research and service are still important parts of my job. However, at a PUI, the goal of my research is to include undergraduates and use research as a high impact practice. In other words, I try to facilitate my student's… Continue reading Starting a research lab at a PUI

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BR Reflection 1

This semester, I'm teaching Behavioral Research (BR) for the first time. BR is a two semester course, so I will have the same cohort of 16 students for two full semesters. The goal of this sequence is for students to design and carry out research studies in pairs. Here is our course syllabus. The students… Continue reading BR Reflection 1


So you want to be a scientist

So you want to be a scientist. A scientist is an inquisitor, a person who researches, acquires knowledges and passes it on...teaches, transmits, tests. I started my journey toward scientist-ness as a sophomore in college... In those days, I skipped down the hallways full of hope, stars in my eyes, wonder in my mind. There… Continue reading So you want to be a scientist