PEDL Logo (designed by Jake Kurczek)

PEDL is the UW-Platteville Emotion & Decision-Making Lab

PEDL’s mission is to engage undergraduate students in research using a novice-apprentice-practitioner-expert model and to contribute to the intellectual community of UWP.

Our guiding questions are

  1. Why is it so challenging to do things that are “good” for us?
  2. How can we make it easier to do things that are good for us?

Our research intersects psychology, neuroscience, and economics. We use behavioral and psychophysiological methods to examine judgment and decision-making patterns related to self control, impulsive choices, ethics/morality, and risky choices. PEDL is currently located in Warner Hall at UWP.

PEDL Lab Onboarding (for current lab members or prospective students interested in applying)

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