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“History of the future”

I am entering my second year as a tenure track faculty member at a primarily undergraduate university. As a first year faculty member, we had a first year learning community. We (new instructors and faculty) met approximately twice per month, either within our academic college or as a whole, to discuss professional development. For example,… Continue reading “History of the future”

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Applying for teaching-focused jobs

Three key take aways (the TL,DR): 1. Research the institution you are applying to - know their mission, values, demographics, and resources and discuss how you will fit in and contribute to that setting 2. Demonstrate that teaching is your main priority and you clearly understand that you are applying for a teaching-focused position and have actually thought critically about teaching 3. Provide concrete examples - show me, don't tell me.

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childhood poverty, stress, and the brain

---disclaimer: I am certainly not an expert on this topic, but I'm trying to learn more because this topic intersects interests I have with my students' interests, and writing helps me organize what I've learned.--- Research expands our knowledge and (should) ultimately solve problems. One of the world’s current wicked problems is poverty. In 2016,… Continue reading childhood poverty, stress, and the brain