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Behavioral Research Course

Behavioral Research: Lit Search 2c

One of the overarching themes of psychological research is the interplay between genetics and the environment (i.e., nature-nurture). In the past decade or so we have made considerable advances in understanding genetic contributions to human traits/behavior, but there is still a long ways to go. Of interest to those of us studying reward processing, discounting,… Continue reading Behavioral Research: Lit Search 2c

Behavioral Research Course

Behavioral Research – Lit Search 2a&b

Directions for Lit Search 2 Currently, my research lab is studying the role of adverse childhood experiences in economic decision-making during young adulthood. The background behind this area of research relates to┬áLife History Strategy, which broadly suggests that animals adopt different life strategies depending on the predictability & opportunities earlier in life (it's actually much… Continue reading Behavioral Research – Lit Search 2a&b