Tools & Resources

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Research Tools

Open Science Framework (OSF)
Open Sesame – Experiment Builder
BioPac SL
Kubios HRV
Google Forms (for Surveys)
Microsoft Forms (for Surveys)

Grants & Funding

Pioneer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (PURF)

SciComm Tools

Piktochart (Infographic builder)

Conferences to consider

Tri-States Psychology Conference – Rotating conference in the midwest for undergraduates (in the fall)
MPA – Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting (in the spring)
MUPC – Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference (in the spring)
UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
Research in the Rotunda

Undergraduate Journals

Journal of European Psychology Students
Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research
Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences
Journal of Psychological Inquiry
Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology
Pioneer Journal
And a few additional journals for undergraduate publishing

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