Tools & Resources

Pioneers should check out this page:

Ethics Training

CITI Program
APA Ethics Code

Data Collection Tools

Open Sesame – Experiment Builder
BioPac SL
Kubios HRV
Gorilla (behavioral science in the cloud – haven’t tried it)
Qualtrics (UWP only)
Psychopy (haven’t tried this yet)
Google Forms (for Surveys)

Stimulus Sets

Grants & Funding (for Undergraduates)

UW-Platteville Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program
Psi Chi Grants
Iowa Center for Research – Summer Research Opportunities and Programs
UW-Madison Summer Research Opportunity Program and PREP
APA list of Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Internships

Reference Management software



SciComm Tools

Piktochart (Infographic builder)
BioRender (to create images)

Local Conferences to consider

Tri-States Psychology Conference – Rotating conference in the midwest for undergraduates (in the fall)
MPA – Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting (in the spring)
MUPC – Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference (in the spring)
UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
Research in the Rotunda

Undergraduate Journals

Journal of European Psychology Students
Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research
Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences
Journal of Psychological Inquiry
Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology
Pioneer Journal
And a few additional journals for undergraduate publishing

Pre-built Surveys and Tasks

Online Psychology Lab

APA style Resrouces

APA Style sample paper
Purdue OWL
APA style blog


Open Science Framework (OSF)
Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP)
Psych File Drawer
Preregistration Challenge
The Learning Scientists
Every day Research Methods
Not Awful and Boring Statistics
Data (APA list)
QR code generator (useful if you want to give research participants access to a survey or sign up via phone)
Meeting Scheduler
UWGB Hub for Intro Psych and Pedagogical Research
Collaborative for Undergraduate Research

PEDL’s Home Page

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